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Fun and safe basic movement activities for children in their early years

Joy of Movement

Tumblebugs is an introductory program for basic movement and modified gymnastics that is fun, safe, inclusive and developmentally appropriate for 3 ½ to 5-year-old children in early childhood settings. The consistent and progressive activity plans include both active and quiet segments with directed and exploratory learning. Tumblebugs is about fundamental movement skills that support healthy growth and development, and improve physical literacy.

Healthy Development

Research indicates the importance of physical activity for children in the early years. Physical activity in a supportive environment helps a child learn how to maneuver their body and be creative while developing social skills and self-esteem. Being active also enhances healthy development and increases the likelihood of being active as they age. In Nova Scotia, by grade 11 less than 4% are active enough.

While unstructured active play is necessary, the Tumblebugs program offers an option for guided activity with learning outcomes. These activities strengthen the range of foundational motor skills that children need to enhance daily living and participate in play, recreation and sport.


Tumblebugs Happens Here

Tumblebugs was developed purposely for educators and leaders from early childhood settings and programs. Such practitioners have been trained and use the program in child care centres, grade primary, family resource centres, municipal recreation programs and recreation organizations. With a foundation in early childhood care or education, you do not need previous training in fitness, physical education, sport or coaching for this introductory basic movement program.

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